Wow. GM’s headquarters.

Wow. GM's headquarters. by pahlkadot
Wow. GM’s headquarters., a photo by pahlkadot on Flickr.

Sending Greg off in style

Sending Greg off in style by pahlkadot
Sending Greg off in style, a photo by pahlkadot on Flickr.

Judgement day special: a waffle with everything

Small things: centerpieces made of herbs, go from hotel ballroom to garden #onef

Great Fitzgerald quote about holding opposing ideas and driving change. #onef

So cool: Clem’s school did trash pick up in the neighborhood & collected data on results.

.@maxogden in Vegas

.@maxogden in Vegas by pahlkadot
.@maxogden in Vegas, a photo by pahlkadot on Flickr.

Lunch by @zzolo. The Bishop: peanut butter, spinach, beets, pickles, aioli, cheese. On toast. It’s good!

Communal lunch at CfA. Happy happy happy


Easter, originally uploaded by pahlkadot.