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Panda travel pillow

Panda travel pillow by pahlkadot
Panda travel pillow, a photo by pahlkadot on Flickr.

Panda sighting in Vegas

Panda sighting in Vegas by pahlkadot
Panda sighting in Vegas, a photo by pahlkadot on Flickr.

An Esquire cover gem from @cjoh’s house from my visit last week.

Clem getting dressed for her Indian dance performance

Panda cufflinks on @anemani10 totally making #formalfriday here at CfA

The wiffenpoofs of 76 at woolsey hall

.@mcandrew in Trumbull

.@mcandrew in Trumbull by pahlkadot
.@mcandrew in Trumbull, a photo by pahlkadot on Flickr.

Coming soon. Canceled. At HUD.

Everything WILL be alright (Detroit)

Taxidermy across from GM’s headquarters. These animals are all staring at those huge buildings.