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The wiffenpoofs of 76 at woolsey hall

.@mcandrew in Trumbull

.@mcandrew in Trumbull by pahlkadot
.@mcandrew in Trumbull, a photo by pahlkadot on Flickr.

Coming soon. Canceled. At HUD.

Everything WILL be alright (Detroit)

Taxidermy across from GM’s headquarters. These animals are all staring at those huge buildings.

Wow. GM’s headquarters.

Wow. GM's headquarters. by pahlkadot
Wow. GM’s headquarters., a photo by pahlkadot on Flickr.

Sending Greg off in style

Sending Greg off in style by pahlkadot
Sending Greg off in style, a photo by pahlkadot on Flickr.

Judgement day special: a waffle with everything

Small things: centerpieces made of herbs, go from hotel ballroom to garden #onef

Great Fitzgerald quote about holding opposing ideas and driving change. #onef