Thinking Chair

Clem could not go to sleep tonight. I’m sure she was exhausted; she was a fragile, teary mess today from the moment I picked her up from school, angry at me for the slightest perceived affront and for nothing at all. She actually said she was tired at one point, which she NEVER does. The five year olds in her class all got to take a walking field trip to the library today, and that may have tired her out. Also, she got to sleep late the previous night. Whatever it was, the kid needed sleep.

First she decided that it couldn’t be bedtime because it was still light out. That is the one thing that really sucks about summer. It’s hard to argue with that notion, and yet, they need to go to sleep. Then she decided we needed to sleep with our heads at the foot of the bed (yes, I still go to sleep with her, I know…) and everything needed to be rearranged. Then she decided that she was hungry, no, STARVING, STARVING TO DEATH, and absolutely had to eat. (Mean Mom said Tough Luck.)

Then she decided she needed to think. So she announced that she needed to think and got up and got into the rocking chair, which she declared is now her Thinking Chair, and sat and rocked for a minute, sucking her thumb and thinking. She would not tell me about what: it was secret. Then she declared that she thinks best upside down, and she proceed to place her head on the seat and press up into a very precarious headstand – remember, it’s a rocking chair –and think upside down for several minutes. I should not have indulged this but it was too shocking and adorable to stop. She had a running commentary going designed to convince me that this was something she does frequently. “Sometimes I do this because the blood goes to my head and it helps me think…Sometimes I have to put my hands on the arms of the chair to steady myself…It’s hard to stay up on your head sometimes because the chair moves a lot.” The whole thing seemed very Pippi-inspired, but we haven’t read Pippi in months, and I don’t think it was ripped off entirely from her playbook. Despite the commentary, she did find some quiet moments and appeared to think about something, and after a bit she came down and got back in bed. She still thrashed around for far too long, but eventually drifted off.

Demerits for spazziness, but points for style!

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