Daily Archives: February 21, 2008

Power Grabbing Youth

Sorry, I am obviously addicted to putting up video this week, but this one is priceless.  This is from a trip to Isham Park in Inwood at Christmas with Clementine and her cousin Kendall.  Yes, Clementine is dressed somewhat inappropriately for 20 degree NY winter weather.  Her choice, not mine.  Apparently she knows what evil superheroes wear in NY.

Ski School

Clementine makes a forceful off camera appearance in this one. She is not happy that Andre is skiing better than she is.

Yes, we are at Chris’s mom’s house this week as Clementine and Andre were both out of school and I thought it would be fun to take them skiing instead of juggling work and daycare options all week. They are having a blast. No, we didn’t realize when we booked this trip that it is the week of GDC, which is why Chris is not here. Back next week.