Monthly Archives: February 2007

Die, Gaius Balthar, Die

Heather Havrilesky pretty much sums it up here. Battlestar Galatica is totally great, but Balthar needs to GO. Now. I’m an episode behind which normally makes me kinda jittery, but I don’t actually care because I can’t stand the thought of being stuck in the endless loop of his bug-eyed expressions. Kill him off now.

Resisting my not-so-good instincts

I am so sad that John Paczkowski is leaving my favorite daily reading on the tech industry: Good Morning Silicon Valley. The man makes me laugh out loud with headlines like
“Oh geez! Has this brie been in Carly’s desk since she left?”
One of the things I like best is his “Off Topic” section at the end where I’ve found some of my favorite YouTube clips. Today, he links to an episode of The Muppet Show guest starring Peter Sellers. Just the opening sequence where the muppets come out dancing made me all sorts of nostalgic. It made me want to throw out all of Clementine’s videos and outlaw Clifford and Dragon Tales and limit her media consumption to only shows I liked as a kid. Then I thought about the kind of mom that would make me, and I decided not to.