Josh and Helen

Yay, the blog is un-broken. Chris moved all our stuff to some new hosting company where he has some giant account and broke the blog in the process. This was back in October. It’s not really an excuse, since I have not been blogging exactly regularly, but I was on a bit of a roll there (okay, it was only one post, but it was long) and I keep telling myself I need to write more for the good of my soul. It’s my New Year’s resolution. Seriously. I might write stuff not on the blog too (I have a secret writing project), so don’t judge me if this still more or less blank in June, but I have hopes. Dreams. We’ll see.

I some stuff I’ve wanted to write about over the last couple of months, but at the moment I am thinking about Josh and Helen. They are moving to Perth… that’s in Australia. And not the populated part of Australia, the other side, the Western side. Okay, to be fair, some wikipeeding turns up that the Perth metropolitan area has almost 1.5M people, so I’m grossly misrepresenting the place. I tend to make fun of Australia for having a total population the size of New York City (and just over half the size of Tokyo) but that’s out of defensiveness. I knew J & H were going to move there at some point so I felt the need to mock. Why fewer people is somehow embarrassing, I cannot tell you. The world needs fewer people. Chris and I are contributing by having only one child. We’ve actually been to Australia, well to Sydney and the Blue Mountains, the sort of A side of the country (before we had said child), and we thought it was beautiful and delightful. We hear that Perth is fabulous too. And with 7% of the country’s total population, there are probably some lovely people there. Hey, Oakland only has 411,000 people. Well, minus three soon. They’re taking Oscar with them!

Three very great people. That’s why my tone can’t seem to stay away from snarky. I will miss them A LOT. Helen is from Perth, and her wonderful parents are there, and Josh seemed to have some sort of accidental job interview with a Perth-based game company while they were there visiting, and now it’s all happening a little sooner than I expected. It is so like Josh to start a new job on the other side of the world while ostensibly on vacation. Seriously, he’s already working there. They haven’t even come back for the cat and he’s working there. They’ve probably bought a house there already and haven’t even told me. Maybe at least they’ll sell us their Prius and some good will come of this. Maybe they’ll rethink things and decide to leave Oscar with us for a couple of years. More dreams.

But as I was saying, despite evidence to the contrary, I am very happy for them, and I will miss them terribly. They do things like drop by unannounced. Often with food. Have parties with themes, and even games. Games that require sharing your inner child with other guests. They laugh at bad jokes. They tell you when you have something in your teeth, unless you’re having a really bad day, and they know you couldn’t handle it. They go to Burning Man, and they make it sound like a Tupperware party. They couldn’t be pretentious if they tried. They cook great curry. They always have an open bottle of wine. They have had, I believe, 5 or more cars at once, but they never drive them. They will come feed your cat while you are on vacation and not mind that your husband has _extremely_ specific instructions for them despite the fact that they have a cat and know pretty well how to feed it. They will lend you their decrepit truck dozens of times and not mind that you break it a little bit. They get you to play soccer on Sundays and then don’t make you feel too bad when you stop. They will forgive you when you forget to leave them the key to the car you told them you would leave for them, stranding them outside your house for hours. They will play the Ha game at their baby shower. Even better, they will let everyone do an OM circle at their baby shower. Helen did a triathalon less than a year after having a baby and kicked ass. Josh made a video out of it with Chariots of Fire as the soundtrack. They got married in a redwood grove, and I cried. They had the reception at our house, and I cried some more, but that was because of all the carved redwood sculptures they left here. Long story. This is all out of sequence; they got married before the baby and the triathalon—that’s one way they were conventional. But no one would have thought twice if they hadn’t. They are perfect for each other.

Anyway, I am thinking about them. They sent everyone they know some long email announcing their move but they left me off the distribution. Chris got it, hasn’t forwarded it to me. I think they can’t bear to officially inform me, knowing I will take it pretty hard. But I’m doing okay with it. Clem is pretty upset though. I told her earlier today and then tonight, when we were done with our book and turned out the light, she looked up at me and asked “What did you say about Josh and Helen?” She’s a big fan too.

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