Dare to hope

The people at MoveOn and ACT have done a good job of being upbeat, to which I say, good lord, that’s some courage! Karl Rove is rubbing his poisoned hands together and chuckling in the corner, but this from the MoveOn team gave me a tiny shot of hope.

“And there’s a historical precedent for believing this is a beginning, not an end. In 1972, Richard Nixon ran against George McGovern, a progressive populist with a great message about stopping the Vietnam War. McGovern lost in a landslide, winning literally only one state even though the Watergate scandal was swirling around Nixon. But a year and a half later, Nixon resigned; two years later, reformist Democrats won back control of both legislative chambers.”

The problem with hope is that it is clearly insufficient. Writing 244 letters and making a handful of GOTV phone calls is clearly insufficient. I think we have to change how we talk about this stuff. We can’t just be pissed at the people who voted for Bush; we have to understand better why and find some common ground with them. I’m not sure there’s all that much more vote to get out.

One response to “Dare to hope

  1. I enjoyed making my (very, very modest) effort to get Bush out of office, but I’ve been hearing a lot of talk like “let’s win back the country” from my more activist leftist friends and it doesn’t really resonate for me. My intuition is it’s simply time to hunker down and let the world go to hell for a while. I look forward to watching him eat his own shit, too. Iraq’s going to get worse for a long time – there’ll be no one to blame but him.

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