Daily Archives: November 5, 2004

Dare to hope

The people at MoveOn and ACT have done a good job of being upbeat, to which I say, good lord, that’s some courage! Karl Rove is rubbing his poisoned hands together and chuckling in the corner, but this from the MoveOn team gave me a tiny shot of hope.

“And there’s a historical precedent for believing this is a beginning, not an end. In 1972, Richard Nixon ran against George McGovern, a progressive populist with a great message about stopping the Vietnam War. McGovern lost in a landslide, winning literally only one state even though the Watergate scandal was swirling around Nixon. But a year and a half later, Nixon resigned; two years later, reformist Democrats won back control of both legislative chambers.”

The problem with hope is that it is clearly insufficient. Writing 244 letters and making a handful of GOTV phone calls is clearly insufficient. I think we have to change how we talk about this stuff. We can’t just be pissed at the people who voted for Bush; we have to understand better why and find some common ground with them. I’m not sure there’s all that much more vote to get out.