Micromanaging Ohio

Josh and I are micromanaging Ohio. We have a spreadsheet pulling the actual number of votes for each candidate in Ohio from cnn.com and showing us the spread narrowing or widening moment by moment, as we hit refresh. Half an hour ago, we saw the spread drop from 130,000 to 90,000 in the push of a button. I’m shaking a bit each time I hit refresh but this one was a doozy. Sadly, it crept back up over the next 20 minutes and it’s still showing as a Bush state, with 89% of precints reporting, so it’s hard to maintain hope, but Josh and I are keeping the flame alive. We can’t tell how much of Cleveland is reporting yet and the spread is still close. White knuckles. I’m staying up til Ohio is officially called. And I’m putting quite a dent in a bottle of Australian Shiraz in the meantime. Hopefully I’ll be able to sleep.

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