New Gig

I took a trip to 2 day trip to New York this week. The first time I’ve been away from Clementine for more than one night. It was hard to leave her, but she and her Daddy seemed to have a good time without me. Using the breast pump in public toilets (at the airport, at the Microsoft Briefing Center at 58th and 6th Aves) was less than fun. You can’t help but wonder what the people in the other stalls think you’re doing in there. It’s not a quiet device.

I was there to attend a conference on collaboration in financial services. I’m going to be working on developing a confernence on real-time collaboration technologies for my old friends at MediaLive, formerly Key3 Media. It’s a little weird to be doing something outside the game industry, and it first it seemed like such a niche. But the more I learn about this stuff, the cooler and more broad-reaching it is. There’s some smart people thinking about how this stuff is supposed to work and I’m looking forward to doing something that’s very idea-driven. Game Tech has been a fantastic project, but since it’s so technical, the content side is really in Jon and Jeff’s hands, and it’s been more of a management and coordination thing. BTW, the Game Tech brochure seems to be hitting people’s desks right now. Reg should be open very soon.

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