Monthly Archives: October 2004

We think she’s turning Japanese

Our daughter says “hai” instead of “yes.” Don’t know where she got this, but it’s completely consistent. Secretly Japanese baby?

Grand Lake Theater Sign

“Congratulations to John Kerry for exposing Bush as an incomptent idiot in debate”

Copy Cut

Inspired partly by my husband’s dramatic hair makeover, I went short myself this week. No pix yet; haven’t had time. But it’s your basic short bob, long enough in front to tuck behind the ears, but short in back. I don’t know why I ever had long hair; it’s such a pain.


The letter writing is not over. I sent 244 letters to unregistered moms in democratic areas in swing states, but now that registration deadlines are coming up, the MMOB is moving on to encouraging “undervoting” registered voters to get their butts out there on election day. This will have to wait til we get back from Italy, but I’m going to do another 250, at least. Please go visit the MMOB website and sign up to write your own if you can. You don’t have to be a mom or even a woman!

New Gig

I took a trip to 2 day trip to New York this week. The first time I’ve been away from Clementine for more than one night. It was hard to leave her, but she and her Daddy seemed to have a good time without me. Using the breast pump in public toilets (at the airport, at the Microsoft Briefing Center at 58th and 6th Aves) was less than fun. You can’t help but wonder what the people in the other stalls think you’re doing in there. It’s not a quiet device.

I was there to attend a conference on collaboration in financial services. I’m going to be working on developing a confernence on real-time collaboration technologies for my old friends at MediaLive, formerly Key3 Media. It’s a little weird to be doing something outside the game industry, and it first it seemed like such a niche. But the more I learn about this stuff, the cooler and more broad-reaching it is. There’s some smart people thinking about how this stuff is supposed to work and I’m looking forward to doing something that’s very idea-driven. Game Tech has been a fantastic project, but since it’s so technical, the content side is really in Jon and Jeff’s hands, and it’s been more of a management and coordination thing. BTW, the Game Tech brochure seems to be hitting people’s desks right now. Reg should be open very soon.

Kicking Bush Ass

Kerry was _on_ last night. I almost didn’t watch; I literally had nightmares he was going to suck, or just meander. But he totally nailed it. I’m afraid to be too hopeful but it’s a good sign. Reactions have been good. Just don’t let them spin that victory away. The man should be president.

Summer Veggies

We leave for Amalfi (vacation with Clementine’s 2 grandmothers) on Sunday, and when we come back, my veggie garden will probably be mostly done for the year. It’s been a total joy eating fresh from the garden beans, squash, and tomatoes all summer long. The corn didn’t really work out, and for some reason the chard never really took off (I think I overcrowded again) but there were beans for dinner about every third night, and the tomatoes just keep coming. Clementine eats squash like it was candy; she literally stuffed her face with it at dinner tonight and we had to take it away from her for fear she would choke. We are blessed with a child who loves vegetables, and I can’t help but think it’s partly because she gets such fresh, sweet produce.

Brian Sharp came over last week and made a vegan dish that blew my mind it was so good. The recipe is apparently courtesy of Lulu — thank you Brian and Lulu! I made it again a couple of nights ago (by no accident it features the three veggies we happen to have a lot of) and just had the leftovers tonight while watching ANTM. Assuming Lulu and Brian won’t mind me sharing, here it is:

1 tsp coriander seeds
1 tsp mustard seeds
large pinch of curry leaves (maybe 5-10 leaves)
a bunch of green beans, whole
a bunch of zucchini, chopped
a bunch of tomato, chopped
(I added a small head of cauliflower last time since we didn’t have as much squash)
1/2 tsp turmeric
1c grated coconut (the higher quality the better)

Pour a few tablespoons of canola oil (and definitely not olive, it’ll smoke at too low a temp) into a large frying pan over medium-high heat. add both teaspoons of seeds. When they start to pop, dump in the green beans and curry leaves. Cook until the green beans are done, maybe 5 or so minutes, maybe a bit more.

Once the green beans seem almost done, add the zucchini. Cook until it’s tender but not mushy, another few minutes.

Finally add the tomato, coconut, and turmeric and cook a few minutes more, until the tomatoes have reduced enough that there is a reasonable amount of liquid in the pan.

Serve over rice.


I love America’s Next Top Model. Tyra Banks is gorgeous and edgy, and Mr and Miss J crack me up. Janice Dickerson is hysterical. She’s obsessed with the idea that the girls look like they have penises in the photos. The girls are mostly psycho, but I actually feel for a couple of them. I watched a few episodes of last season, (and my favorite girl won) and this season I think I’ll just cave and make it a regular thing. Go Yaya!