Status update

I am finally beginning Project Write to 100 Nevadan Mothers. The people at the MMOB tell me to resist the urge to print the letters off my computer, as the feedback they’ve gotten is that hand-written is most effective. Instead they suggest cheating: apparently a gel pen looks exactly like photocopy ink. You can write the letter out once with the name blank, copy it a bunch, and fill in the name with the pen. We’ll see. I haven’t tested it yet, but I did go buy a gel pen and start the actual letter (needs work). I still have to actually request the names from the MMOB, but I get the feeling they give them to you almost instantaneously. Game Tech has been taking over my life, with the brochure going to the printer at the end of this week. I wish the timing had been different, but there’s still time to write at least 100 letters, maybe more. Have to do _something_.

5 responses to “Status update

  1. Will the experience be as valuable for you if you do it half-heartedly by photocopying your letter?


  2. Dude, I still have to hand-address all the envelopes! You should have mercy on me, as someone with repetitive stress yourself.

    • Quoto Vergil; dico solo che KillZone 2 sta continuando a verdene molto bene ad un ritmo paragonabile a quello che fu Halo 3; non male.. un gioco da sbavarci sopra per averlo. Di fatto , secondo N4G, la PS3 nelle ultime 10 settimane batte il Wii in fatto di vendita hardware con un trend crescente; guarda caso a seguito dell’uscita di Killzone che sembra essere il gioco pi acquistato insieme alla nuova console (parlo di vendite in Jappone)

  3. you could always recruit your friends 🙂

  4. How’d you get their addresses?

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