Monthly Archives: September 2004


244 letters addressed and stamped tonight. Still need to be stuffed, but I didn’t have the voter registration forms photocopied yet. Nevada, Washington, and Florida. The people at the MMOB rule.

TV watched (or listened to, more accurately) while addressing: 1/2 an episode of Charmed, parts of the second half of Speed, which I’d never seen and was unbelievably bad, and a pretty good episode of Angel, the one where he turns human and can love Buffy for a day, only to have to give back the day and his humanity. You feel so bad for Buffy sometimes.

Status update

I am finally beginning Project Write to 100 Nevadan Mothers. The people at the MMOB tell me to resist the urge to print the letters off my computer, as the feedback they’ve gotten is that hand-written is most effective. Instead they suggest cheating: apparently a gel pen looks exactly like photocopy ink. You can write the letter out once with the name blank, copy it a bunch, and fill in the name with the pen. We’ll see. I haven’t tested it yet, but I did go buy a gel pen and start the actual letter (needs work). I still have to actually request the names from the MMOB, but I get the feeling they give them to you almost instantaneously. Game Tech has been taking over my life, with the brochure going to the printer at the end of this week. I wish the timing had been different, but there’s still time to write at least 100 letters, maybe more. Have to do _something_.

One of the guys

We (me, Chris and Clementine) spent the weekend at Casey’s new house in Seattle with Casey, Jon and Atman. He just moved to a cool old house in Capitol Hill, which is where I’ve decided we would live if we ever moved to Seattle. It was a good time, but I noticed a slight change in the dynamics between me and Chris’s friends (well, I consider them my friends too but they were Chris’s first). I’ve always enjoyed the extent to which I could hang out comfortably (and sometimes even have conversations of some depth) with these guys, despite the near-constant flow of extremely technical talk that seems to form the basis of the bonds between them (and in which I can’t participate, of course). I still feel totally comfortable with them, and in fact I really love these guys, but I missed out on a good portion of the bullshit sessions due to the demands of mommy-hood (and my book club), and because of that, felt a bit removed. However, seeing Clementine play with her bachelor uncles more than made up for any loss. They adore her, and she adores them. She brings out the silly, sentimental side of these cynical, spock-men.

Casey will be upset with me if I don’t mention that the weekend spawned the term pantsing, which he is determined to spread as a meme. That’ll teach me to share my dreams with friends.