Working again

I’ve been working on this seminar Jon and Jeff and I are doing for a couple of months now, but until the past two weeks it’s been mostly back and forth with the guys and venue selection and stuff. But this week I started doing actual sales calls, hitting people up for sponsorship and marketing partnerships, and now I finally feel like I’m truly working again. Why does this feel legitimate whereas the other stuff didn’t? I must need the outside validation. Or because there’s money involved. Either way, I’m really enjoying it. I love being a mom, but it’s great fun to work too. I’m so lucky to have the balance I have now. In an hour I’ll go pick up Clementine and we’ll walk over to Piedmont Ave and get tea with Helen. It’s totally doable. I’m so damn lucky.

2 responses to “Working again

  1. go jen! power business mom. i was just talking to jon about that, since he’s back in austin. sounds like you are doing them an invaluable service, too, so it’s valuable time you’re spending while you’re busy having fun. 🙂

    i was going to visit SF but i’m probably going to burning man instead. alas, i put off my visit to your “new” house for a while longer.

    tell chris his surrogate son said ‘hi.’

  2. I had a long talk with my therapist a couple of weeks ago about “balance” and “wanting it all”. She is in her 50’s now – an accomplished woman with a beautiful home, two lovely children (who are now grown people, living on their own), and a loving partner.
    “When I was in graduate school, someone asked me what I wanted – to practice, or have a life (travel, have a family – that sort of thing). I said that I wanted it all! I got some looks – people thought I was being selfish…”,
    “It’s not about whether or not you can have the things you want – it’s about deciding how much of each thing is enough to make you happy, when all are combined. It’s about balance!”
    Kudos to you, Jen – for finding that balance. It takes a lot of people a long time to figure out that the ladder they were climbing landed them in the wrong place. I admire your courage for taking the time to re-evaluate, achieve motherhood, and set your course for new heights.
    ROCK ON!

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