A familiar, distressing feeling

You know when you’re connected to both parties in a conflict, and you can see each side totally clearly, but neither side can see what the other sees and you can’t explain the other’s viewpoint to either side? It’s so frustrating. It feels initially like you’ve been given this vantage point so that you can help solve the problem, but as time goes on and you realize things aren’t getting better at all, you start to wonder if your attempts to translate are helping or hurting.

My mother and my sister don’t communicate well, or almost at all. I understand pretty clearly why each of them feels the way they do, but I can’t help them, and it feels crappy. I love them both so much.

One response to “A familiar, distressing feeling

  1. Jen – What’s up with your mom and Amy? We are all victims of the go-between syndrome at some point. It is crappy, but it will get better. Love you – Aunt J

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