Daily Archives: July 16, 2004

Complaint letter

My sister, who teaches school online to kids who aren’t in school for one reason or another, assigned her kids complaint letters as part of their business writing curriculum. They had to identify some product or service they’d used which didn’t perform properly and write to the company asking persuasively for compensation. One kid got a case of Shout, a certificate for dry cleaning, and a credit to a sporting goods store for his letter about how Shout didn’t get the grass stains out. If it didn’t get the grass stains out in the first place, what the hell is he gonna do with a case of it? I want this kid to write my letter to Cingular, about the hours of my life I’ll never get back trying to get a replacement phone out of them. After over 2 hours on the phone, they sent me a replacement that’s…you guessed it, broken.

Baby talk

Clementine says “boobie” now and points to my chest. When it’s inconvenient to admit this, I pretend she’s saying “baby,” but mostly I think it’s hysterical and encourage this behavior.

A Nice Evening

Certain issues in politics and the media have been weighing on my mind lately (in fact, driving me a little crazy), but I have my father’s entire family, plus friends of my grandparents, in town from all over the country, and I am reminded of my grandmother’s sign on the wall at our most recent family reunion-type event that read: “Discussing politics accomplished nothing and can ruin a nice evening.” So while my family is in town, I will respect that sentiment and focus on enjoying the company of our 50 guests, who have travelled so far to celebrate my grandparents. The first event of the weekend went off well tonight; two more get-togethers tomorrow and then the AIDS Walk on Sunday. Then I will throw off the good girl mantle and rant a bit.