Book club naughty

I am on page 109 of a 618 page book that my book club is discussing tomorrow. What’s my excuse? I…
a) thought I was going to have 2 more days of childcare recently that I didn’t get
b) thought the book club was on Tuesday
c) failed to realize that this book completely defies speed reading
d) just started my weblog and am posting to this instead of reading
e) all of the above.

Sorry guys, I suck.

BTW, the book is Sometimes a Great Notion by Ken Kesey, which Chris was sure was called Sometimes a Great Nation. It’s a rich, dense book that I think I will end up liking, but it’s clear that Ken Kesey did a LOT of drugs and might have benefitted from some restraint at some point in his life.

3 responses to “Book club naughty

  1. Thank you Jen for suffering through the book as far as you did. It was great to have your view of it, and yes I did make you read it so you know what the scene I grew up in was like.

    That might make a good bookclub theme actually – each choose a book that best reflects the feeling of our childhood setting…

  2. People who take a lot of drugs write very interestingly. Ever read some of the later books from Terence McKenna? Woah.

    Yay, Jen is blogging!

  3. I’m a fast reader, but that book took me six months to read! I ultimately, grudgingly enjoyed it, but I haven’t been able to read a Ken Kesey book since.

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