Daily Archives: July 11, 2004

Book club naughty

I am on page 109 of a 618 page book that my book club is discussing tomorrow. What’s my excuse? I…
a) thought I was going to have 2 more days of childcare recently that I didn’t get
b) thought the book club was on Tuesday
c) failed to realize that this book completely defies speed reading
d) just started my weblog and am posting to this instead of reading
e) all of the above.

Sorry guys, I suck.

BTW, the book is Sometimes a Great Notion by Ken Kesey, which Chris was sure was called Sometimes a Great Nation. It’s a rich, dense book that I think I will end up liking, but it’s clear that Ken Kesey did a LOT of drugs and might have benefitted from some restraint at some point in his life.

More on grandma

This is my Grandma Esther in 1958. Compare with recent picture.


Clem and I are doing the SF AIDS Walk next Sunday, July 18th. We are walking in honor of my grandmother’s 80th birthday and her and grandpa’s 60th anniversary. We’ve got 50 people coming in from Arizona, Oklahoma, New York, Wisconsin, Chicago, Texas, etc for a weekend of partying, and about 10 of us (including grandma and grandpa!) are doing the AIDS Walk on Sunday. Here’s a picture of Clementine and her great-grandma. Yes, I know she looks 40, not 80. It’s weird. My dad’s the same way. He looks 35. And John Edwards. It’s Dorian Gray nation here.

Writing letters for the MMOB

I went to a letter-writing party this Friday hosted by Mainstreet Moms Opposed to Bush, or the MMOB. We wrote to single working moms in heavily democratic districts and included voter registration info. I hand wrote four letters in about 45 mintues. I got a handcramp. The statistics are compelling: if unmarried women had voted in the same numbers as married women in 2000, they would have added 6 million predominantly progressive votes. The 2000 election was “won” by 527 votes. (well, stolen, but you catch my drift). So, I’m going to commit to writing 100 letters to women through the MMOB, but I’m going to print the fucking things. I know people who hand wrote upwards of 600 letters to voters in Iowa for the Dean campaign, and I just have to ask if the dubious advantage of hand written over printed (I will still sign personally and hand address the envelopes) was worth the carpal tunnel syndrome risk. So, if you’d like to donate to my letter-writing campaign, please send toner cartridges for the HP5550 printer (including the color cartridge; I am going to include a color picture of me and Clementine at the top of the page.)